Technology Consulting

Helping both for-profit and non-profit organizations in strategic implementation of digital transformation.

We provides Management Systems & Process Automation Solutions, working in development and customizations of both stand-alone and highly-integrated management systems for managing organization's processes, we also provide advisory, training and support for already adapted business and management systems, and help organization's adapt technologies that foster/help in business processes automation.

With Analytics & Intelligence businesses can capture and make sense of organizational and market data that help in powering intelligence-driven management decision-making. We provide, develop, customize and configure integrated management systems for capturing organizational and market data for processing, analyzing and developing summarized and comprehensive reports for will help management in organizational decision making

With the rapid advancement of digital technologies and its influence in work organizations, both business and non-business organizations are in a growing need to either lead or adapt with agility to the advancement in digital technologies in order to keep up their internal effectiveness and market competitiveness. We provide advice and services that help organizations in leading and adapting with agility to emerging and competitive digital technologies, in developing policies and processes that help in digital transformation.

In helping business incorporate management systems and automation, integrate data analytics and data-driven intelligence in management processes, and in developing and managing digital transformation, we provide tailored training and development services and tools for deploying and managing business management technologies, for developing organizational policies and programs that  create and maintain digital awareness and foster organization’s digital culture