Marketing Consulting

Helping in developing resources and internal capabilities for achieving organization’s strategic marketing goals.

In Marketing Consulting, Marketing Research & Strategy covers different sort of services ranging from the development of business/product market plan, market surveying and analysis, development of market research reports, and development and management of business/product marketing strategy. Marketing Research & Strategy Services comprises of three services: Marketing Research, Strategic Analysis & Integration, Marketing Plan Development.

In Corporate, Business, or Product Identity, the primary concern is the analysis and maintenance of a specific image which is based on internal visions and values, and which is also presented to the external world. Branding on the other hand is concerned with how this corporate/business/product image is presented to the external world. Our Identity/Branding service covers identity/brand analysis, branding strategy development, brand designing and development, branding content development, and product development, design and management

Digital Marketing Management Services help business and non-business organizations deliver marketing and branding goals with highest efficiency using digital technologies and the internet. Our digital management service covers marketing content digitization, digital marketing strategy analysis, development and management, website/webapps development and management, social media marketing and management