Investment Consulting

Working with accredited and trusted partners in providing investment information and facilitation services.

In Land & Real Estate Investment Consulting we work with Trusted Partners in helping both Local and Foreign investors in the processes of investing in and management of Land and Real Estate Properties, Services includes; Ownership Investigation and Verification, Advisory and Services in Land and Real estate Conveyance, Advisory and services in development and management of Land and Real estate projects

In Business Development Consulting, we are helping investors in local and foreign business setups which includes providing advisory and services in business planning, development and management, conducting investment research and investment portfolio analysis, business/company registration and licensing, company acquisition, businesses mergers and business/company takeovers, as well as offshore company/portfolio management.

In Financial Markets Investment Consulting, we collaborate with Trusted Partners in providing information and intelligence on local and foreign capital markets investments opportunities, we help in providing information for short-term and long-term investment opportunities on diverse financial markets instruments such as bonds, stocks, foreign exchange, and derivatives, we also help client in capital market portfolio analysis and management advisory.

In Startup Development Consulting, we work/partner with interested parties to help both local and foreign investors in identifying and participating in foreign and local startups investments opportunities, in participating in the development of emerging businesses and future markets opportunities, in the provision of training and educational services and resources for startups and entrepreneurship development.