Business Consulting

Working with clients in managing business processes for achieving organization’s strategic goals.

In Business Research Services our goal is helping companies successfully venture into a new business or businesses, or improve the processes of an already existing one, we provide business research services that include: Market Survey & Analysis, Product Research & Development, Project/Business Financial Analysis, Project/Product Impact Analysis, Product Consumption Data Analysis, Competitive Analysis, and Industry Research.

We help our clients achieve and maintain industrial regulatory and certification compliance, with services such as company/corporate secretariat services for regulatory/mandatory fillings, Industrial & Trade licensing and permits training, processing and management, Project/Business plans, budget and proposals, Industrial/Trade regional certification and accreditation, International Certification Trainings and Processing.

In General term, the whole practice of this services is concerned with identifying, measuring, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating financial information to the management for the pursuit of an organization's strategic goals. We provide outsource services for specific book-keeping and accounting duties, and may include one or more of the following services: Product Costing and Valuation, Payroll Accounting and Management, Project Budgeting & forecasting, Business Cashflow Analysis, Business Stock Turnover Analysis, and Financial Performance Analysis Quarterly Reports. 

Helping with People Management Issues including: Human Resources Planning and Recruitment Management, Human Resources Training Needs Assessments, Tailored Human Resources Training & Development Programmes, Organizational Change Management, Organizational Behavior Development, Compensation and Payroll Management